Majang Honey

honey and beeswax from the heart of Ethiopia’s forests

We work synergically

with a community of beekeepers in the Ethiopian Majang Zone in Gambella Region, in a rainforest protected by a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

From our passion for bees

amazing work we are able to present a range of products including: Majang Honey, Majang Beeswax, Majang Candies and Walta Candles.

We pride ourselves

for the quality of the products we offer, and even more for the all-beneficiary and sustainable value-chain from which we source our honey.

About us

Not just about sourcing and processing honey

It is also about benefiting a Community with unique and ancestral indigenous honey-sourcing knowledge, and about Protecting and Preserving a Unique Way of Life- which is currently under threat.

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Majang Honey- ‘More than Honey’

Have you ever thought that bees are the only animal that does not cause any damage or harm any other animal or the environment? The more bees visit flowers, the more they pollinate them; bees never overexploit nature.

This is why we label our Honey from Majang: “More than Honey”

It is not just about offering Honey, but an organic, natural, native forest Honey, harvested from protected forest ecosystems. All nutrients of Majang honey are intact because of careful harvesting and handling. It is rich in healthy enzymes, proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals.

It is a virtuous cycle: the production and sales of this honey

Our mission

We make available the best quality honey

implementing the best production techniques, a strict control system and guaranteeing traceability, product safety and sustainability throughout their whole supply chain.

Sustaining a respectful

form of beekeeping we promote the conservation of a well-preserved native ecosystem with its biodiversity and with a community of beekeepers prospering in harmony with nature.

The best constructions

We ensure that Beekeepers get their due and fair prices for their products. …making the world a better place to live. 

our vision

We do believe that through a conscious honey

We do believe that through a conscious honey production and commercialization we can really give our small contribution in preserving a productive native environment, improving beekeepers’ livelihood and making a wonderful, healthy and natural honey available for all; …making the world a better place to live.

Why our intervention?

Majang beekeepers have traditionally practiced subsistence farming and beekeeping. The remoteness of these areas and the lack of services and infrastructures available for these populations, often force them in a fragile livelihood style. Through a respectful approach, we aim to create a connection between Majang and profitable markets, allowing them to sell their honey, securing a more resilient livelihood, but still maintaining their amazing farmed agrobiodiversity and their culturally respectful way of life.

The intention, for the future, is to have beekeepers, through their cooperatives, directly involved in the management of ECBE also as shareholder in the company; virtually taking the farmers to the markets and sharing with them the responsibility over their product from the hive to the table of the consumers.


Our products can be found in the following Outlets in Addis Ababa

1.      Fantu Supermarket

2.      Shiabebayehu supermarket

3.      Loyal Supermarket

4.      Lomyad Supermarket.

5.      Lewis Supermarket

6.      Pick-Pick Supermarket

7.      Gara Lasar Supermarket

8.      Abadir Supermarket

9.      ALL Mart Supermarket

10.  Redi Supermarket (only candles)

11.  Queens Supermarket

12.  Gowada Supermarket

13.  Ayat Gift shop

14.  Aklilu Figa Supermarket

15.  Tesfa Gift Shop (Only candles)

16.  Zewditu Gift shop (Candles)

17.  Tila Wellness center

18.  Intercontinental Hotel (Candles for occasions)

19.  Gelan Supermarket

20.  Novice Supermarket

21.  Kafdam Supermarket

22.  Orthodox Church  Mahiber

our vision

The Majang community

The Majang are an indigenous population with a unique way of life, adapted to the forest habitat and ecosystem. The Majang are traditionally farmers, practicing eco-friendly farming practices of indigenous crops, which they supplement with beekeeping, fishing, some hunting and the snaring of game.

The Majang have a rich tradition of beekeeping which involves a deep caring for the bees, the environment and the forest that is home for themselves and for their bees. They traditionally adopted a very low impact lifestyle.
Many are the Majang folk stories about honey, bees, honey hunters and collectors that are orally transferred from generations to generations.
ECBE’s project contributes to preserve this unique Way of Life and this indigenous culture, currently threatened by deforestation, modern agriculture, and by the pressures by investors and settlers working to “develop” the UNESCO-protected forests.

the majar community

Gender equality

Men and women, in Majang culture, tend to share the work equally. Honey collection implies the climbing of tall trees (up to 30m to 40m high) and it was traditionally reserved to men. The introduction of modern backyard beekeeping, is enabling women to get involved in beekeeping. Some women have become excellent beekeepers.

ECBE set the target of sourcing 50% of its honey from female suppliers, empowering women and triggering the participation of women in the beekeeping sector.

UNESCO Majang Forest Biosphere Reserve